Hello Delft!

Hello Delft!

A little over half a year after the first exploratory meeting, S4F Delft is now finally ready to present itself on its own webpage.

At the end of 2019, when scientists for Future NL started attracting more and more concerned scientists from all over the Netherlands, local groups in different dutch cities (Utrecht, Amsterdam, Nijmegen) emerged in order to contribute in the fight for the climate from a local perspective. With a large technical university, the city of Delft was another evident candidate to join this initiative and so we decided to form S4F Delft. We expected to attract many potential members, and indeed, the first few exploratory meetings were well visited. But allas, with Corona hitting right at the time, when the initial euphoria was over, participation in our (henceforth online) meetings started to dwindle and only left us with a small but dedicated team to get this group going.

We are therefore excited to finally be present in the digital world and hope that this will help us reach more people in these troublesome times. While this website is also intended to make us more visible to interested scientists, we mainly want to provide a platform with information for non-scientists. While scientists are often very proficient in their field of expertise, they often struggle when it comes to communicating results and recommendations to non-experts. We want to use this site to help everybody better understand the pressing issues of our times and what to do against them. This will be both in the form of blogposts or with links in the “Resources” part of our website, that will point you to some other websites that are working in the same direction.

So check back frequently, or hit us up if you have questions or are interested in joining our cause.


Sven Pfeiffer, S4F Delft

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