Here we offer you some hand-picked links to websites that we think may interest you. Feel free to contact us if you think something is missing or not up-to-date.

TU Delft specific links
How to live sustainably (in Delft)
  • Milieucentraal has lots of advice on how to live more sustainably for all areas of life (in Dutch).
  • Which food should you buy, which not? The Volkskrant has a handy shopping guide (in Dutch).
  • Eating vegetarian (or even vegan) is a great step towards more sustainability. Happy Cow helps you find vegetarian and vegan restaurants.
  • The Dutch waste separation system can be complicated – find out what goes where (in Dutch).
  • And then – where do you bring the waste? Find your nearest glas, recycling and paper container.
Environmental and activist groups in Delft